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Other Features


The (private) Data a user selectively distributes to another user is called “myData” and the user manages this data within the screen called “The Vault”.

myData™ preferences

Once the DMR-X procedure completed, the Data Owner (DO) is able to (selectively) distributes his Private Data (PD) to other users. Private data is always encrypted and LEENK Inc. is unable to read and/or interpret any kind of non-anonymized data (see below at “Privacy”).

Private Data Encryption and Privacy

Private Data that is being distributed is always encrypted and LEENK Inc. never has, nor will have any access to the data of its users. Cookie technology may be used (if accepted by the user) in order to study user behaviour and preferences in an anonymized way. Deprived of any user data, LEENK is the one and only “Ø-data company”!

The Directory (“myProfiles”)

The Directory of myProfiles is a voluntary publication made by the users in order for other users to identify them. This entries, whose contents are entirely up to the users’ choices, are meant to help other users identifying the specific user as the person they are looking for in order to connect (or “leenk” 😊). Although the user can fill up his profile with all extravagancies he wants (like daily pictures and/or videos), none of this is needed for an entry to be effective. In fact, the users’ myProfiles are not a social media feed and usually only contain (i.) a Family Name, (ii.) a Given Name, and (iii.) a Nation of residence.


In order to facilitate the use of “old-style” business cards (ie. those business cards that are still printed on paper or other unsustainable materials) an Optical Character Reader (or OCR) feature has been implemented into our Android app. Once the user receives an old-style business card, he can (i.) either read it and save the data of his new contact within the phonebook (we call it “INDEX”) programmed into our app, or (ii.) save the picture of the business card as a so-called MEMORY to a newly created LEENK. As for iOS, this feature is still in development and will be deployed soon.